Grinberg Method English

Is there something in your life you want to change?

Think for example:

  • Physical discomfort: like pain, stuffiness or stomach ache (irritable bowel syndrome)
  • Returning thoughts that claim all your attention
  • Nasty feelings (or absence of feelings) you are struggling with
  • Dissatisfying situations in your life, for example in your relation or at work
  • GM transformed me

    Hi, my name is Mark ten Seldam. In November 2019 I finished the third and last year of my study of the Grinberg Method (GM) in Austria.

    I worked in Holland for over 30 years as a physical therapist and osteopath.
    When I started with the GM study, I expected the GM to be as an extra tool in my toolbox as a therapist. Instead of that, I went through a transformational process.

    My self-image got a kind of 'ruined'. I never expected to feel myself so fearful, helpless and powerless in different kinds of situations. In a learning process I noticed that I contracted all kind of muscles in my body to avoid pain and fear.  The result was that I limited myself in my energy, limited myself in thinking and feelings about myself but also limited myself in dreaming about the future.

    The solution to free myself with (not from) these limitations was quite easy: admitting this fear and let it flow in my body. My fear turned into energy and sensitivity. I became more creative and have much less fear for failure. It finally became a profit for me in my life and I really felt free. 

    The Grinberg Method teaches you to be more of yourself.

    The Grinberg Method offers you two different paths to gain freedom of your problems:

    * Path 1: A recovery process, to gain freedom of your physical pain and suffering.

    * Path 2: A learning process, to gain freedom of your physical, emotional or mental limiting routines = behavioral patterns.

    The Grinberg Method is in my opinion a form of ‘body work’. In this vision your body is seen as a 'door'. This door can be the entrance to your unconscious chamber of hidden potential, creativity, wishes, values and goals in life.

    Once unlocked, your door to freedom is opened, and you can start to improve your overall health and well-being by using the learned skills. You can start to live a more rewarding life approach.

    You can change from a 'human doing' to a 'human being'.  Like Shakespeare  said: “to be or not to be, that’s the question”.  I hope that you will be, and realize "I am".  There where you are, and who you truly are. 

    Side effect of the Corona 2020 crisis:

    Originally the Grinberg approach was only taught in a hands-on session.
    But the Corona crisis of 2020 learned us something amazing. Forced by the authority’s to stop our work, we started working online through video-connecting. The unbelievable happened: it seemed also possible to get good results by teaching clients how to work with themselves.

    Inefficient routines in body and mind, could be designated by the GM practitioner and be experienced by the client at home. With several self-help techniques you will be able to learn how to transform physical, emotional and mental routines and experience relief and freedom.

    Of course there are pro’s and con’s for every method. I love to work hands-on, and most clients prefer hands-on work. But work online @home gives me the opportunity to work global with clients all over the world.
    On the other hand: you as a client gets the opportunity to work with GM practitioners all over the world. See the list of all of my colleagues over the world, and choose the one you feel the most attracted to, to work with.

    Is GM suitable for you?

    Is the Grinberg Method suitable for everyone?
    In my opinion: NO.

    We train your power to pay attention
    We train you to focus your attention and train you afterwards to de-focus
    We train you to grow consciousness
    We train you to let energy flow
    We train you to  let  the 'new' and unexpected happen in you

     It' requires an open mind 
    It requires certain courage and curiosity
    It requires patience to look  in/at yourself, in stead of immediate looking for solutions or answers

    My target audience are often high-sensitive women in the age of 30-55 
    Women with high internal standards and values
    Strong women with a lot of force but a lack of soft power
    Women that wants to be a good mother, husband, daughter to their parents,  employee, best friend etc.
    Women that yearn to be more of themselves

    How long takes a Grinberg process ?

    A personal process is a systematic and step by step learning experience that starts by defining your aim.
    This aim could range from ridding yourself of chronic back pain or facing the inability to manage your finances, to realizing a business project or creating a change in relationships. 
    The learning focuses on getting to know and stopping the obstacles that stand in your way, and developing the specific qualities and abilities that are needed.

    Most times it takes 5 till 8 sessions. After that we evaluate your process with the possibility to continue if you like.

    Practical information

    The practice is located  in Hoevelaken, a city in the center of the Netherlands, with free parking in front of the practice.
    It takes only 30 min driving from Amsterdam or Utrecht. With public transport approx 40 min from Amsterdam and 25 min from Utrecht.
    Online global accessible 🙂 since 2020.


    (35 years)


    Why i came to Mark? 
    I have several physical complaints where I wanted to get rid of.  Also I had questions like: ‘which job fits the best with me’, ‘in which country do I want to work and live’. I am extreme high sensitive and I want to know how I can deal with it in an optimal way.  Now I have often doubts about these subjects and often feel myself indecisive. This limits me to live fully and go for my dreams.

    How did you profit from the process? 
    I had chronic belly pain and neck/shoulder pain. These complaints became significant less. 
    I am more aware of the physical tension in my body, which I do in situations where I have to perform in my job. I am able to observe myself in those situations and can see my contractions as physical signals, which I can use. 
    My mental over-activity in the sense of over-analyzing, worrying about my body and about the future is less significant. 
    I see the triggers that provoke my behavior and I can take action on it. Sometimes I do have the beginning symptoms of a panic attack but I can counter it.

    I an more confident with myself and I trust my gutfeeling more and more.

    What did you stop that was in between you and your goal? 
    I stopped the feeling of inferiority in myself in certain situations. I can stop the contractions in my neck/shoulders and diaphragm that limited me. Once stopped I am no longer defined by these feelings.

    (80 Years)


    Why I came to Mark? 
    To gain more peace of mind, and have more energy.
    Further I have a back- and hip pain that frustrated me and I wanted to get rid of it.

    How evolved your process? 
    During the sessions I often felt an intense flow of energy through my body. I also felt a lot of sadness releasing which I built up though my life. I recognized all kind of patterns I build up to escape from pain and fear. Patterns where I held myself back from life.

    What did you stop that was in between you and your goal? 
    I learned how to recognize these patterns and can partially stop a pattern. I am better now in dealing with difficult situations. I am more of myself and I am more assertive. By the way, the pain in my back, hip and knee got less. I am not where I want to be and still continue my process with Mark.

    Mark ten Seldam

    Mark ten Seldam has more then 30 years of experience as a physical therapist, 20 years of experience as an Osteopath and Upledger Cranio-Sacral therapist and 10  years of experience as a mentor in Mindfulness based treatment. His focus in teaching is in the body-mind connection
    He is finished his study as Grinberg practitioner in Austria, under supervision of Avi Grinberg. If you have any questions if this method is suitable for you, please call me or fill in the contact-form.